What if we could control our data with digital contracts after it was shared?

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What is Rule of Law?

John Adam’s words pointed toward a fundamental proposition at the core of America as new nation: that no one was above the law and everyone under it must be treated the same. At a minimum, that’s the big idea every generation tries to achieve and sustain.

America’s founders had just emerged from the rule of King George III, and sought to establish a nation governed by the Rule of Law carefully designed to…

Launch past your competition to own every important innovation

Start by planning for 2x to 4x increase in the number of enforceable patents over the next decade. First mover advantages will be immense. Those organizations that operationalize intellectual property acquisition will also capture emergent digital business models and practices as monopolistic assets.

Create Intellectual Property in 6 Steps

The 6-Step Process to successfully acquire valuable Intellectual Property:

  1. Focus on a carefully selected set of strategic competitive differentiators. Walmart focuses on low cost, Amazon on convenience, Volvo on safety. In order to remain relevant, all organizations must successfully select and…

ANSWER: China’s growing leadership in 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Robotics intellectual property

While Covid-19 continues to complicate and politicize the US/China economic and geopolitical relationship, the facts illustrate for the last decade innovation and information technology dominance has been a strategic part of a broad and carefully coordinated Chinese Government strategy that shows many signs of success. By all measures, Chinese businesses, universities and individuals are rapidly catching up and in some areas surpassing the US in patent holdings and patent valuations.

It is rumored among IP Professionals, the USPTO significantly clarified and simplified the software patent eligibility process in order to facilitate national efforts to “leap frog” over this growing Chinese…

Late 2019 USPTO patent eligibility changes open the flood-gates for software patents

Abstract Ideas have always been ineligible patent subject matter

Since the establishment of the US Patent and Trademark Office, the idea of has been instrumental in determining a patent’s eligibility. Judicial Exception the following as patentable subject matter:

  1. Laws of Nature
  2. Natural Phenomenon (Product of Nature)
  3. Abstract Ideas (Mathematical Concepts, Methods of Organizing Human Activity or Mental Processes)

Software development is the creation and manipulation of Abstract Ideas — Mathematical Concepts, Methods of Organizing Human Activity or Mental Processes

Software development is the creation and deliberate manipulations of the connections between Abstractions. The software patent process, until late 2019, was a game of obfuscating Abstract Ideas into something, anything, perceived by the examiner as more admissible. …

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Startup Founder, Inventor, Product Leader, Digital Hunter & Marketer, Data & Privacy Renegade, Philosopher, Digital Humanist

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